Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow Report {Goofy}

three goofy brothers in the snow

Guest post by Tim:
Last night, Zachary was at his friend Taylor's house when it started snowing.  As Zac has no snow driving experience, we decided to drive our 4-Runner to pick him up and that I would drive Zac's car, a 98 Lumina with baldies, home while Bridget and Zac were in the 4-Runner.  After I cleared the snow off the windows, I decided to turn on the windshield wipers to get the small stuff.  Much to my surprise, the driver's side wiper completed its motion without the blade.  Apparently it had fallen off before and Zac simply put it back on.  He had never put the blade back on when the wiper was covered with snow and ice (nor had he told me of the problem).  I drove home in the snowstorm by leaning over to the passenger side to get a glimpse of the road.  About once a mile, I had to get out of the car to clear the wind shield of the snow that kept building up.  Sledding down a hill on the bald tires was almost a relief compared to driving while blind.  I hope to pray as fervently in church tomorrow as I did while driving Zac's car last night. 

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Buhler family said...

Oh my! I'm glad Tim's prayers were answered. Next time, Zac needs to be in the car as well and be the designaded windshield wiper dude. Let him get out and clean the stuff at every corner and I'll bet he will put windhield wipers inspection on his maintance check list :)