Monday, November 22, 2010

The Runaway {Age 3}

Imagine my surprise when arriving home from youth group last night at 9:30, 
I discovered these shoes in our entry way!
Turns out there was a three year old runaway at our house!
This is his story of angst, of the trials and sufferings of a being three year old with a new baby brother...

 Our dear friend, Joseph (3), had been scolded by his mama for snatching a toy from his six year old brother's hand.  Warned of the impending consequences, he reluctantly gave the toy back to his brother. He then sought out the warm and welcoming lap of his mama, only to be reminded that there wasn't room on her lap for him since baby brother (6 mos) was nursing.  
Joseph would have to wait his turn for mama's lap.
"I hate this home. I want to live with Peter!" came Joseph's emotional reply.
"Really? So you want Peter's mama to be your mama?"

Playing along, his parents told him if he was going to move out and live with Peter he had better get ready.
Challenge accepted.
Laughing amongst themselves, they heard Joseph's joyful singing from upstairs, where there were occasional thumps and the sounds of doors and drawers opening and closing.
As the family gathered to pray their evening rosary (a Gospel contemplation), down each step with a thump thump thump came Joseph, packed suitcase in tow.

"I'm ready!" he announced.

Sure enough, the suitcase contained all that he would need at Peter's house:
toothbrush, toothpaste, pajamas, pull up, and his jacket.
"How long do you want to live with Peter?"
Holding up all his fingers on both hands, Joseph announced, "THIS many days."

Told that he wouldn't be allowed to move out until after the family rosary, he willingly joined in the prayers. At the final "Amen" Joseph asked, "Can we go now?"

His parents decided to allow him the opportunity to come to our house, considering the amount of time and energy he had spent preparing for his departure (and the fact that they had a grocery errand to run).

When Joseph's six year old brother realized that his parents were actually going to take his brother to Peter's house, he came unglued.  Wailing and begging his little brother not to leave, he pleaded, 
"You're my brother, you can't leave me!"  
Distraught and defeated, he cried as his little brother took his suitcase and headed to the car.

Upon arriving at our house, mama offered a heartfelt apology for anything she might have done that had hurt his feelings, causing him to want to move to Peter's house.
Joseph's reply, "Can we go in now?"

Greeted with cookies and milk, his parting words for mama were simply, "Bye mama."

Joseph's tryst into independence lasted a few hours, with Lincoln Logs and "shoot the bird." 
His papa came to pick him up once he had brushed his teeth and readied himself for bed.
No doubt his family was happy to see him home safe and sound.

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Great story! What wonderful parents with a great sense of humor who allow their sone to run away to a safe house! And a great welcome awaited him!
Loved the story. Keep 'em coming!