Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Facebook Problems 1 {Where to begin?}


Hope & Hannah


Enoch & Jonah

I accidentally joined Facebook 2 years ago.

A friend had posted a photo album on her FB page and invited me to view it, which meant I had to create a FB identity.  In the process, I somehow managed to send "friend invites" to everyone in my Gmail contacts.  This list included our parish priest,  whom I would not normally ask to be my "friend."  How embarrassing!

About 6 months ago, I received an intriguing FB friend request from a young lady in Uganda.
A few days after we became "friends" we started corresponding in the message area (off page).
I enjoyed the idea of sharing our faith (she had found me through a Catholic site) and of learning about her life in Uganda and sharing ours.  When I inquired about the different names she had used in her messages (which Tim thought was very curious) she replied:
Hi my good one friend, how are you doing today? how is your family? send my hearty regards to all at home... My real names am called ____, i take ____ as my first name, because it is the clan name... thanks so much for the prayers, i also do the same to pray for you and your family... i thank God much for making us be friends.. and i wish forever to be friends. God bless you and your family.. bye.. your friend ____ from Uganda East Africa.
Within 5 days of our "friendship" I received this message:
Hi Bridget, how are you doing and how is life treating you via there? well am glad to read from you today, i really feel so good whenever i read from you such a great person in my heart you? how was the day of Fathers? in fact i didn't know that we have even that day in the world, i was just knowing Mother's Day. hope you really enjoyed it well? 

How is your heaven sent husband? really send my regards to him, with Sandra is my youngest sister, so sometimes i use her name and most here call me Sandra. 
my dear i would like to request you one thing if you don't mind? i will make it when you get to allow me ask.
good time and God bless you with your family, you ever in my Prayers and mind.  ____

I replied that of course, she could ask me anything.
What do you think she asked??


Anonymous said...

To adopt one of their children? Please don't tell me it was to ask for money. Facebook can be a wonderful way to connect to others, and then as I have learned, when used too much, natural consequences ensue. I don't usually accept "friend" requests from names I don't know-only in one instance has this proved to be God's will, as I accepted the request from a woman healing from her abortion and we continue to correspond today. TELL US WHAT SHE WANTED!

Smith Family said...

I am going to say money and there will be some long written reason as to why she is in trouble and needs the support of her new American Friend.

Buhler family said...

To use your name? Now we all want to know, get blogging!