Thursday, November 18, 2010

Craftsman Badge {Webelos}

Grandpa Cliff welcomes members of Peter's Webelos den to his shop.

Grandpa Cliff instructs the Scouts in proper use of the nail gun.

Enoch works on his bird feeder.

Peter uses the scroll saw.
Helping facilitate the Craftsman Badge with Peter's Webelos den this month, Tim supervised knife building & engraving, leather branding & lacing, and Grandpa Cliff hosted two Saturdays in his shop for woodworking instruction.   This badge is particularly interesting for the Webelos' dads, and most of them were on hand and assisted during all the meetings.

It's awesome to watch the dads (and grandpas) working closely with the boys, passing on their know-how and helping the boys learn new skills.

This was a repeat for the most part of Joseph's den's Craftsman Badge from two years ago...

The concept for the knife building dates back to Tim's Webelos' days when his dad, (now known as Grandpa Cliff), helped his den build knives (which are not Scout legal by today's standards due to the {impressive} blade length).

Like father, like son!
Passing it on....

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