Saturday, November 6, 2010

Funeral Plus {Silverdale Visit}

Violet, Sawyer, Weston, Peter & Joseph

Weston (1) the day after his first hair cut, with Peter (10)

Aunt Bridget with Weston (blink!)
Joseph and Violet cheer Sawyer & Peter, speeding on the plasma cars.

Joseph (12)
Violet (4), Weston (1) and Sawyer (3) with apples picked for them 
(but mostly fed to the horses)

Joseph, Peter and I travelled to Silverdale/Bremerton Thursday, where the funeral Mass for my cousins' grandpa, Edward M. Dougherty, was celebrated at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  Grandpa Ed was known for his deep faith, as well as for his amazing garden, in which he grew pumpkins for us which were inscribed with our names.   May he rest in peace!

Along the route, we dropped off our two dogs, Rocky and Charlie at the Poulsbo Animal Clinic,
which is owned and operated by Tim's brother Craig & his wife, Bethany (DVMs).
We love having veterinarians in the family, and often trade their services for whatever they might like/want/need from one of our pawn shops.

What was supposed to be a quick stop en route for routine immunizations became something quite involved when the initial exam showed that Rocky had 3 teeth that needed removal.  Two were molars with decay (rare in dogs) and one was a broken canine with exposed pulp.  Lucky for Rocky, they were able to schedule the tooth extraction surgery that afternoon.

It was lucky for us, too ~ not only did the 'same day surgery' save us another trip (2-3 hour drive with ferry ride); but it allowed us to spend the afternoon playing with Violet, Sawyer and Weston while both Dr. Craig and Dr. Bethany were in surgery with Rocky.

The kids spent the oddly warm November afternoon outside zooming down the driveway on the plasma cars, climbing apple trees, feeding horses, and pushing the kids on their swing set.

What an unexpected pleasure, and quite a treat to spend a day with family, who made themselves totally available for us on our visit.   May we follow their example and always remember to make ourselves totally available to whomever may come to visit us!

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