Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Else?

Can you body surf indoors in 84 degree temperatures?
Can you climb, float, scream, slide, and chill?
Great Wolf Lodge, of course!

For Tim and me, this was our first trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, in Grand Mound, WA.
But for Joseph and Peter (who have been treated by Gma Billie & Gpa Cliff) this was trip #3.
But for all of us it was an outstanding opportunity to be with great friends in a great location.
We climbed thousands of stairs to get up to the launch pads for our favorite rides, 
the Howling Hurricane and the River Canyon Run.  
We (some of us more than others, this may be gender specific
screamed so much our throats are raw!
Going as guests of the Girl Scouts, who had a few last-minute cancellations and invited us to help fill empty rooms.... we were treated like royalty!
The in-room meals were prepared by Renee & Hilary , who pre-packaged the home-made menus to be distributed to each individual family/hotel room unit.
Home-made granola & frosted muffins for breakfast; taco salad for dinner; sandwich wraps and goodies for lunch...  These moms take "be prepared" to a new level!
And to Rod & Kara who herded all the families (including ours!) into this fantastic adventure~
Many thanks!

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