Thursday, September 9, 2010

Special Visit

Peter, Joseph, Grandpa Pete, Zachary (and Rocky)
We were blessed by a visit from Grandpa Pete this week, and we sure enjoyed his stay.
It had been too long since he'd been up to visit 
(but even so, he's our most frequent visitor from the Tacoma clan... hint hint hint).
Zachary gave up his bedroom, and even "cleaned" it for Grandpa.
Grandpa joined us for a fun party/potluck at Hope's house, and told funny stories about his first employment experiences on a farm on Vashon Island.
We also discussed which songs he would like played at his funeral 
(not in a morbid way, just in the casual conversational way).  
We found out that the organist who played at my parents' wedding sneaked a few Elvis Presley songs into their Nuptial Mass liturgy (which would have been and still would be forbidden).  
Apparently, she doctored them up to make them sound, er, liturgically appropriate.
Sounds like a fish tale to me!  But he insisted it's the truth!  Too bad there's no video to consult...
Thanks for coming to stay with us, Dad!

Today's update on Tristan:
"Tristan had his best night yet...some improvements to responsiveness
though still in a coma and still very critical."

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Anonymous said...

"cleaned" ?!? I DID clean it!!!