Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday

Joseph with Charlie at Fort Worden State Park, June '08.
Lotsa love...
These 2 are quite a pair!
Charlie was an impulse "rescue" dog, a pure bred black Labrador.
I saw a poster for a "free puppy" while were en route to BSA Camp Parsons in 2007.
Joseph was very surprised to be given his own dog (at that time our only dog was Zac's Scooby).
Charlie was (and is) a very energetic and lively pet.
He's loyal, loving, and responds well to most training.
Joseph loves Charlie, despite his sometimes rather unpleasant dog habits.
I'll mention one fit for publishing:
When certain friends dog-sit for us, and let him out...
Charlie takes off running away from the house 
(which he almost never does when we are home), 
jumping out of the fenced back yard and running loose in the creek and surrounding neighborhood.

Joseph's goal is to train Charlie to go bird hunting, 
and works with Charlie using a rubber duck designed for that purpose.

Maybe this fall???
We'll see!

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