Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Update

No Eagle Project updates to report,
but a room remodel update is due.
Zachary's room has been re-pained & re-carpeted & mostly re-inhabited.
This project was accomplished with a little help from his brothers, friends, and 
a little help from mr. machete.
After all, who would use a box cutter to pull out the old carpet when he could wield his new machete?
Joseph, Ezra and Collin help remove the old carpet, which Zac & Ezra hauled to the dump.
Cost to dispose of the carpet at the dump: $5.17

Peter, Cam, Joseph and Connor in the newly carpeted closet

Peter and Cam enjoy the free space while Zac removes the tape

New carpet feels best with bare feet!

And special thanks to Tim, for his patience with the gigantic mess in the 
living room during the renovation.
Amazingly, Zac's room contents nearly filled our living room,
 and with his new class schedule, the repositioning of his belongings has been, well, slow.

Soon I'll share the "after" pictures.

Have a great week!

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