Monday, September 20, 2010

Monkey Bridge

Joseph and a group of Boy Scouts from our troop put up a monkey bridge at the Webelos-Ree 
to attract and recruit Webelos to join at troop (hopefully ours!).
In order to earn the opportunity to cross the monkey bridge, each Webelos had to learn a few new lashing moves under the tutelage of a Boy Scout.

Once they had passed lashing 101, they were cleared for the monkey bridge experience.

The Boy Scouts had spent a few hours (in the dark) Friday night building the monkey bridge for Saturday's Webelos-ree.

It was a real crowd pleaser!
Senior Patrol Leader, T, did a great job both in leading the Scouts and in 
welcoming and assisting the Webelos.

One of the Scouts found this little salamander trying to get out of harm's way!

Webelos II's: Peter, Nolan, Enoch, Nicholas & Aaron at the monkey bridge.

But wait.... there's more!

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