Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reading Away

Peter is so close to finishing this giant book we gave him for Christmas containing
The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis.
Tim read the books aloud to the boys many years ago, 
but Peter has so enjoyed reading them for himself.
If it gets too quiet around here, I know where to find Peter!

We didn't participate in any of the summer reading or summer outing or summer anything programs in which we have participated in years past.
Sadly, we haven't even been to a community track meet, which used to anchor our summer weeks each Monday night.
Yesterday we were all set to participate, early dinner ready in the crock pot, all systems "go" for an evening at the track.

But all our plans changed with a sudden and delightful visit from Zac's friend, Louis (18), who was travelling with Father Straz to Westminster Abbey in BC for a 24 hour retreat.

Father Straz and Louis were able to stop at our house for a quick dinner en route, which was such a wonderful blessing for us.
 Louis is entering seminary in 4 days!  Praise God!
We pray for Louis, in particular, and for all seminarians and priests, every day.

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