Monday, August 2, 2010

Another First

This was Peter's first time carrying all his own gear on a backpacking trip.
He's been backpacking a few times, and on many backcountry adventures, 
but never with all his own gear on his own back!
Judah, Joseph, Collin, and Peter are ready to hit the trail.
Their campsite required a 9 mile hike... each way!
Here the guys are seen enjoying a game of cards in the campsite along Thunder Creek.
The river bank was a favorite place to hang out.
Rock skipping and rock art were on the program.

Peter managed to use 20 rocks in these sculptures.

The bridge crossing on departure...
The bridge served as the hanging location for the bear bags at night, which is
much easier than the hanging in a tree method.
The boys also took very quick dunks in the creek, in a shallow area near the shoreline.
The water (snow melt) was extremely cold and oh so refreshing!
They were joined by about a million biting flies, but the mosquitoes weren't bad.
All in all, a great trip and a destination worth all the effort.
Thanks to Tim for taking all the photos and taking the boys!

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Anonymous said...

7 miles per way NOT 9.Peter.