Wednesday, August 4, 2010

16 today!

Zachary's 16 birthday is today!
Hard to believe he's already 16 and nearly (within the hour perhaps) a licensed driver.
(Zac is seen above taking a rest atop the Oyster Dome on a day hike yesterday.)
Peter, Joseph and Zachary explore the rocky outcroppings and caves 
at the Bat Caves in the Chuckanuts.

The trek up to Oyster Dome is a very steep climb, made more fun with great company:
Matthew, Peter, Joseph, Father Luke (from Uganda), Zachary and Kevin.
Zachary was born on the Memorial of St. John Mary Vianney!
We were faithful the the novena (prayer) we began 9 days ago, 
and continue to pray that special graces will abound for Zachary in this coming year.

We wish a happy birthday today also to Janell S., Hannah C., 
and to President Obama (who is in our prayers).

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