Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lake Bound

With the weather (finally) reaching the upper 70's and higher, we've hit the shores of Lake Whatcom these past two days for fun in the lake with friends and families.
Only a few injuries, nothing serious, from the constant boy play, including but not limited to:
 keep-a-way, get-a-way, toss-a-way, king of the dock, gang up on Zac, chase the kayak, 
and a whole host of other water fighting episodes.
Swimming?  Oh, they did a bit of that, too.
My main role: driver, lifeguard, referee....and time-keeper.
Collin and Joseph paddle along canoe style in the kayak.
Jonah takes Phillip for his first kayak ride.
This was Phillip's 6th day in the US, coming with 2 brothers and a sister into the family of 
Zachary defends his turf, perhaps with illegal force...
D gets in (or out of) the action.
Janell keeps Samuel in some mom shade.
Special thanks to Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Billie for hosting our gang at the shores of Lake Whatcom.
Hope discovers the stones' many shapes and colors.
Joseph takes a nap in the shade.
Hannah's ready to play!

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Anonymous said...

SUCH cute pictures! Thank you for sharing these special moments!!!!