Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Peter's Words

Yesterday, Ezra, Joe, Phillip, Judah (photographer) and I went mountain biking on Galbraith, which is about 1/8 mile from our house.  We stopped to take a picture here (above) and have a little blackberry break.  Then we went up a little hill and then went on Karma (trail).  It has lots of jumps!
Then we went down the pipeline and then we stopped and had more blackberries.
Then we went back up the pipeline.  Then Joe & Ezra came down and I was behind Joe.
Ezra went first and Judah was behind me, Phillip behind Judah.
When I was about 30 feet away from the end of the trail (see photo above), I think I hit a rock.
Then I think I bounced into the air and then my arms flew off the handlebars.
My chin hit the handlebars, and my chin & jaw were instantly numb.
My bike flew up and went down on its side.
My shoulder hit a rock and I rolled into the grass, tangled in my bike.
Judah skidded to a stop, fishtailing.
Joe was around the corner.  When he heard me yell, he came back.
He said he knew that I fell hard, but when he came around the corner, he was like, 
"Peter, are you...WHOA! That's deep!"

He came running up and said, "You're gonna need at least 5 stitches!"
(Joseph and Judah said they could have taken my chain off because it was hanging off the pedal.)
Judah and Ezra biked home and got Dad and Zac.  They came up to the trail head in the car.
Zac said afterwards, that when he saw me he felt his stomach turn over and then remembered to help.
Dad said the same.
They drove me home and laid me on the couch and asked me if I had blacked out.
Then Mom called the doctor's office and asked if I could see my doctor.  (The after hours clinic had no openings, and told us to go to the ER.  We opted for a local urgent care clinic instead.)
They tested by blood pressure to make sure it was ok.
At the clinic, they laid me on the exam table and cleaned out the cut.
They put some stuff to make it go numb so I wouldn't feel anything.
The doctor said that the stuff they put in would only stay for a little while.
They got a needle that had some stuff that would make it go numb for longer.
Then they put stitches inside of the cut that would dissolve (2), and they put 7 more stitches outside the cut.  They put a huge band aid over the stitches and sent me home.
When she put the stitches in, she said to the nurse, "Ok, we're repairing Humpty Dumpty."
Then we came home.

I arrived home to a soft taco dinner with Louis, Father Straz, Chris, Cathy, Zac and Mom.
The other guys went to Boy Scouts.

My shirt was used to stop the bleeding.
My shirt was stained from the blood gushing from my chin, 
and the purple is from a blackberry fight with Ezra.

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