Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring is here, and the gardens are in need of some TLC.
Peter is our primary gardener, he is very excited to grow onions and other veggies and fruits.

Joseph will gladly lend a hand, if he's not distracted by something more interesting...
His imagination sometimes gets the best of him!

Then there's Zac.
Willing to give pitchfork assistance or offer his opinion.
Obedient when asked to perform chores in the yard.
Overheard saying, "Who are we to decide which of God's plants should live and which should die!"
(While weeding.)
This is our son who from an early age found the act of cutting down the family Christmas tree to be quite solemn and sad....
for the tree. 

Soon to be planted and hopefully someday harvested!

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