Friday, March 26, 2010

He's HERE!
Dear Janell (and Alain) had the baby this morning at around 3AM...
A baby boy born, 8lbs 1oz!
Janell is doing very well and as yet the baby is unnamed.
He's getting lots of love from his 4 older siblings (who slept through the home-birth).
"You have to hold his head, Gabriel." 
May God bless your new child, Janell and Alain, and may your whole family be filled with His grace!


The Gaunts said...

Oh my goodness....I had no idea she was pregnant! How exciting. Please tell them congratulations for me. Could you please email me her address so I can send her a card So exciting.

Rebecca said...

He is so, so precious...what an incredible family continually honoring the gospel of life!
(Fantastic blog Bridget! I will now follow :)

Sheila Hughes said...

Horray! Thank you for keeping such good tabs on all our dear Sacred Heart friends. What a blessing for the Salomons! We can't wait to meet him!