Thursday, March 4, 2010


When Cousins Come to Visit

Having cousins come to visit is a great gift to our family.
Recently the youngest cousins came for another visit.

Packing up 3 kids ages 3 & under and driving 3+ hours with a ferry wait/ride... that's a job for the strong at heart!
We sure do appreciate Uncle Craig and Aunt Bethany's sacrifices to come to spend time with us.

Weston keeps growing and growing... hard to believe he's almost 6 months old!  He is alert and lively, and quick with his smiles and sounds.

Sawyer loves to play with Grandpa's Pinewood Derby track, sending all the various vehicles down over & over again.  He has a gentle sweetness and the most loving gaze... he's a heart-melter!

And Violet loves to play make-believe and use her imagination.  She spent about 20 minutes playing a game where she was "throwing" different things in my face!  I had a hard time keeping up with a new thing to "throw" back in her face each time!
Taking time to visit with cousins, and with family is such a gift to our children, and to us!Posted by Picasa

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