Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nanny for a day

Weston, 6 mos.

Sawyer, 2

Violet, 3

Weston, Violet & Sawyer

Today's my day to play nanny for my gorgeous nephews & niece.
Drs. Craig and Bethany have an open house celebrating one year as business owners of their vet clinic. 
So while they're away, we got to play outside in the sand-box and visit the chicken coop.

Peter's dog, Rocky, had a special surgery at their clinic yesterday, and is recovering nicely today.
Rocky wearing a cone and staying "mellow" for 2 weeks is going to be very interesting to say the least!
I filmed the surgery for Dr. Craig, and it's being shown (on a loop!) at the clinic during the open house.
A few people admitted to being too squeemish to watch, but some found it to be very interesting.
I told Craig he should post the video online for Scouts working on the Veterinary Medicine merit badge.
(Plus, being an Eagle Scout himself, he made sure to name each knot he tied during the suturing part of the surgery.)
I'll let you know if he posts it.

Until then, happy Saturday!

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