Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Thanksgiving to Remember {2011}

 7 things to remember about Thanksgiving 2011:
--- 1 ---
On our way to the epic Thanksgiving feast, we stopped off to meet 4-day old Samuel John, a treasure to behold.  His mom, Aileen and I have been friends since second grade, and his family is our family!  They welcomed us to meet their precious newborn and treated us to brownies and soda and even let us take turns holding Sam.  When I held up my camera for a quick snap-shot (or 10), Sam gave the slightest grin, so dear.  If only we lived closer to little Sam, I could fill an entire memory card!  God willing, we shall see him again for his baptism in a few weeks.
--- 2 ---
Our first stop at about the halfway mark between Bellingham and Tacoma was for Mass at North American Martyrs in Seattle.  This exceptional parish celebrates Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite, or the Tridentine Latin Mass.  Their pastor, Father Saguto, a holy priest, is from the The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) Tony required a bit of extra coaching and quieting during Mass, and the duty fell upon Tim, who was seated closest to him.  The twins spent the holiday with their momma; and although we missed them, their absence made attending this solemn, quiet Mass possible, and we held them close in our prayers.

--- 3 ---
My little brother, known for a serious life-long cat aversion (and allergy), now owns a cat.  Who could have seen this coming?  Being a cat person myself, I could not resist this fantastically photographic feline, perched on the kids' table welcoming guests.

--- 4 ---
For my little sister, Molly's family, Thanksgiving was also known as 'the day before O'Dea would beat Camas and advance to the state finals in AAA high school football'.  The nutritional boost from the big meal must have helped Niko and Mike and their teammates put Camas behind them on their march to the state title.  In preparation for their big game, the boys watched a few Thanksgiving football games on TV and kept their pie slice consumption down in the single digits.

--- 5 ---
Exactly ten years prior, Peter John inaugurated his new turkey deep fryer.  The thermometer was 100 degrees off, and that poor turkey emerged overly well done (charred).  Not known to suffer a loss lightly, Peter John insisted on deep frying again this year, rain or shine.  It poured!  Donning a full poncho and an umbrella, and double-wielding thermometers, Peter's tenacity paid off and the golden bird was a delight to behold and even better to eat.  A second (back-up) turkey, prepared by my mom in her oven only a few blocks from Peter's house, provided ample meat for all to take as left-overs.  Molly's mega mashed potatoes and Aunt Sue's stuffing balls rounded out an extravagant meal.  
--- 6 ---
Some people are born to entertain, and clearly Michelle and Peter John fit this category.  From the seasonal decorations to endless appetizers and table seating for all, their guests were given the royal  treatment.  The young cousins spent hours playing games like hide and seek, Nerf wars and 'force your way up to the top of the stairs', arriving at the dinner table sweaty and hungry.

--- 7 --- 
Thanksgiving officially behind us, yet our celebrating kept up for another 24 hours as Tim's brother's family was in town for the holiday.  Uncle Craig and Aunt Bethany (both veterinarians) brought vaccinations for our dogs and made a house call to administer the meds on Friday.  Afterward, a few carloads of us headed to visit Tim at work at our pawn shop.  Sawyer was in awe with the assorted motorcycle helmets on display.  Tim helped Sawyer try on each helmet in succession, and later helped Uncle Craig find a bike for Aunt Beth's Christmas present.  Another sumptuous turkey dinner at Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliffs followed, with plenty of pie for everyone and then some!

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