Saturday, November 19, 2011

Learning to Jump Rope

--- 1 ---
With a reunification plan in place, foster twins Luke and Leia moved out on Monday morning. A few of us shed tears; others breathed a sigh of relief.
--- 2 ---
Due to complications with the reunification plan, foster twins Luke and Leia moved back home on Thursday. A few of us shed tears; others breathed a sigh of relief.
--- 3 ---
Zachary's varsity swim season started this week. We are especially grateful for his driver's license on the days when he leaves for dry land training at 5:45AM. Friday Zac left even earlier and posted CAUTION tape and a "closed" sign at the foot of the staircase where the swim team trains; but his coach saw right past the stunt. "Well played!" said the coach.
--- 4 ---
Due to an overdue cross country uniform, Ezra sat on the side of the pool for the first day of diving practice. In the days that followed, he learned a new dive: the front double. As the sole diver for his team (so far) his performances at meets will be especially important this season. So will his in particular far less than acceptable on his progress report. I spoke with his teacher who admitted that Ezra's grade might improve if he stopped listening to his iTouch during class. LISTENING TO HIS iTOUCH? WHAT iTOUCH? IN CLASS? 
A lengthy, complicated conversation with Ezra ensued; this matter is officially unresolved.

--- 5 ---
During a rousing game of Apples to Apples Junior, I brought out my jump rope to illustrate a point. Who knew I had a jump rope? Looks of terrified humor spread across the boys' faces when I actually used the thing. I guess they aren't accustomed to seeing me move quite that quickly.
--- 6 ---
Never having attended a formal PE class or school recess, our children could not jump rope. Even Zachary could not string together more than two or three jumps. Tim demonstrated his fine jump roping skills, throwing a double their way and speed jumping and twist jumping as well. Ezra, too, showed off his fine jump roping abilities. The bar was set!
--- 7 ---
The pursuit of learning to jump rope took center stage in our home school for Joseph and Peter this week. Both are accomplished jump ropers now, with only a few welts and one broken rope handle from jump rope related "incidents".   
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Crystal in Lynden said...

Love your posts! Never a dull moment and you move through each event with such grace. I read and am inspired.