Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cute kids... dirty window!

I sent my dear husband (with sons) on an errand to buy our last-minute pumpkins for Jack-O-Lantern carving and he came home with many pounds of pumpkin AND a dozen long stemmed red roses. I think I shall send him out for pumpkins more often! Such a gentleman, I am truly blessed.


Jack-O-Lantern carving took up the entire living room this year, with each of the big boys taking on a gigantic pumpkin~ gutting, carving and perfecting before placing on the front porch. The dogs love to eat pumpkin, so they had to be kept away from the carving area lest their canines leave unappreciated marks on the hallowed gourds.


Joseph put the "trick" into trick or treating at our place, cleverly installing an invisible line with a flying count Dracula. We will call this our home school science for the week. Upon our front porch visitors the Dracula would suddenly descend, giving fright in the night (and the next morning).
Look out below!

Apple harvest 2011
"Luke" braved his first real steps this week, but still mostly prefers to crawl.  His new trick involves trotting along pushing a 5 gallon bucket as his "walker/jogger," sliding briskly along our smooth floors.  His twin sister, "Leia" will pull up and stand with some creeping, but doesn't show any urgent desire to catch up with "Luke."   Her voice is her prize possession, and she uses it frequently!  She loves to hold socks, one in each hand, and will clutch them for hours on end.  If she's fussy: give her a sock, she'll quiet right down.
"Tony" enjoyed trick-or-treating with Peter and Tim; collecting a little bag of goodies on a loop around our neighborhood.  Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff were here for the holiday, but our doorbell didn't ring much this year.  We did have a few cleverly costumed visitors.  At dinner the boys made bets that a princess would be first to our door this year, but it was in fact a football player who gave the inaugural knock.
Zachary ordered steel beams to begin constructing the frame for his Eagle Project carport at the rectory. Several construction-savvy adults have lined up to assist with the complex structure.  Smaller jobs for willing Boy Scout volunteers may come later.  Looks like the majority of the construction will be set to begin.... just at the start of his varsity swim season! 
Our apple trees' harvest this year yielded a few dozen spotty but delicious apples.  We cooked up one batch for applesauce and kept the rest for snacking.  This years' gardening efforts dwindled to just apples and rhubarb, with whatever blueberries and raspberries could survive the bizarre "summer" weather.


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