Monday, November 21, 2011

Almost Advent {New Missals Arrive}

Father Qui Thac blesses the new Roman Missals

The new liturgical year starts next Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent ~ the season of anticipation and preparation for the celebration of Christ's birth at Christmas.  Retailers might have you believe that we are already celebrating Christmas (even before Thanksgiving).  Not so fast!  Give yourself the gift of 'being prepared' for Christmas this year; don't skip Advent and launch prematurely into Christmas. 

I appreciate the time of Advent for both the many internal preparations for Christmas and the various external displays and decorations in anticipation of the big celebration on Christmas.  Our family will take down our All Saints and All Souls November remembrance display and put up our nativity scene, minus the Birthday Boy, who will be placed in His manger on Christmas Morn.  A tree will be chopped, hauled home and decorated (and made toddler proof) and our Advent Wreath will have pride of place as a visual weekly count down and daily prayer tool.

The new Roman Missals await the first Sunday of Advent 2011

Every year our family helps swap out the old pew missals for the new in the days before Advent begins.  Eager to catch a glimpse of the new missal's cover art, and to be the first to see the new missals, in addition to the challenge of filling every pew in neck-breaking speed all give motive for this annual volunteer chore.  Oh, and wanting to be helpful fits in there somewhere, too. 

Joseph helps stock the pews with new 2012 missals.

If you've never been to Mass, you should come soon!  The 2012 missals we helped distribute include new translations (long awaited, finally being launched this coming Sunday) and all of us will be in the same boat learning the new responses and slightly revised prayers.  Inside the front cover of the missal, you will find a welcome message and a statement explaining the Mass and giving special instructions for any newcomers.  The whole Mass can be followed and prayed using the missal, and the Bible readings for every Sunday and Holy Day Mass are also included.  Come be a part of history in the making, at your local Catholic Church, anywhere USA (and the whole world over)!

 Peter and Raphael haul the old missals away.

Ezra helps re-stock the pews in preparation for the new liturgical year next Sunday.

Jacob stocks pew cards {cheat sheets} with the newly revised Mass prayers and responses.

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Crystal in Lynden said...

I love learning about the Catholic Church of today from your blog. Every post draws me in and feeds my curiosity. We have a church we're apart of here in Lynden but your church sounds so interesting.