Monday, August 8, 2011

Joseph VS Mud Wasps {Dangerous Game}

Joseph and his weapon of choice: the electric bug zapper
Most of us would view a mud wasp nest as a serious threat, especially if we had increased reaction and sensitivity to stings.  Not Joseph.  He turned the hole-in-the-ground wasp nest at our front door step into quite a challenge today: Joseph VS the wasps...  Game on!

Armed with a hand held electric bug zapper, Joseph spent a good part of his day swatting the wasps as they exited their hole.  To their advantage, the wasps had sheer numbers and a secure hiding place.  To his advantage, Joseph had both the bug zapper and the wasp killing expertise of Grandpa Cliff, whom he consulted over dinner and who apparently suggested pouring gasoline down the wasp hole.

"Mom, do you know where the head protection net is?" Joseph asked, wearing long sleeves, zipped collar up to the neck, with that CALVIN look in his eyes.   As soon as I shared Joseph's gasoline dumping idea with Tim, he searched the shelves of our garage and (thankfully) found a wasp killing spray on hand. Joseph agreed to the new plan of destruction and out he went to spray the nest.

"If it gets too furious, you have to run away." ~ Joseph teaches Peter in wasp killing 101.
The spray dousing the entry to the nest, with the armed boys on guard to kill as many of the exiting wasps as possible, the fun seemed only to be just beginning.  Soon the sound of our garden hose could be heard and excited shouts of "run, run!" punctuating the evening din.  Too bad it's bedtime, this game could last for hours!

Lying in wait...

Joseph trains Peter in the fine art of wasp zapping.

"Mom could you help me?  I just got stung 5 times!
~ Peter, upon retiring from his foray into Joseph's new favorite hobby.

**We do not condone the killing of harmless insects, in fact we discourage it.  Wasps, however, are deemed armed and dangerous, and therefor fair game for zapping, poisoning and drowning.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Ben needs to hang out with these boys. They crack me up. And they come up with tactics that a girl, or mom for that matter, would never think of. Yes, Ben, you will most certainly have adopted brothers in the Adams clan!