Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit '07 {Day 1: Bellingham, WA to Quesnel, BC}

Zachary, Tim, Bridget, Joseph and Peter at departure for a 10-day, 90 mile canoe trip on the Bowron Lake Circuit, in BC, Canada, July 2007

At departure, our 2007 Bowron Crew paused for a going away photo:
(back) T, Patrick, Bryant, Eddie, Isaac, Bridget, Eric, Casey
(front) Zachary, Joseph, Tim, Peter, Ron, Linda

 The departure rendezvous for our 10-day international canoe camping trip with the troop was strategically located next to a local Starbucks.  We splurged on one last creamy caffeinated delicacy before packing into two fully loaded vehicles and driving 10 hours to Quesnel, BC.  Our border stop entering Canada proved to be fairly painless, with only one interesting question posed to Tim, "Sir, what do you do for a living?"

T in a hockey tape disguise in the way back of the van en route to Bowron Lake, BC.

In the way back of our van, Zachary and T played their favorite home-made RPG (role playing game) in a marathon session, and Joseph, also in the way back, endured the hours of Quest Through Morzork (QTM) in silence.  Eric's 6" CD stack kept him sedated throughout the journey, with occasional movements to change discs.  Patrick attempted to sleep for most of the drive; which saved him from answering too many questions posed by Peter, seated in the middle and curious about things like, "Can you do the chicken dance?"
Peter, in disguise

Once checked into the hotel in Quesnel, we set to explore the little town and enjoy the local festival "Billy Barker Days" being celebrated in the streets, parks, restaurants and everywhere.  Other than a few of our older Scouts climbing the outside of the hotel to break into their own room after locking their keys inside, the stay at Quesnel was uneventful.

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