Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit '07 {Day 4: Indianpoint Lake and Isaac Lake}

Morning view from our campsite on Kibbee Lake

Heading from Kibbee Lake to Indianpoint Lake, the trail showed signs of wear and tear.

Waking up to blue skies and sunshine delighted the senses.  Packing up sloppy wet gear and breaking camp took a bit longer than anticipated, but at 7:45AM we hit the uphill portage with fresh energy.  Deep ruts along the trail and muddy boggy sections made canoe carting tricky.  Arriving to the shores of Indianpoint Lake, we launched our canoes and set out paddling.  Peter rode with Tim and me again; Joseph with Ron and Linda.  Peter trolled a fishing line the entire length of the lake, and although plenty of fish could be seen jumping on the other side of the lake, none were tempted to his barb-less, bait-less hook.

Ready to begin paddling on Indianpoint Lake

Peter trolls a line as we paddle Indianpoint Lake.

Off Indianpoint Lake, we portaged all our gear and canoes over land to Isaac Lake, with a lunch break at the shoreline before paddling resumed.  PBJ on pita bread eaten in a flash before the downpour hit and we launched into Isaac Lake.  Shivering from the chill of wading during our lunch break, Peter huddled under an emergency space blanket to regain his core warmth, now a passenger of Ron and Linda.  Joseph's competitive streak came alive as he begged us to paddle hard and "win" the race to our campsite.  We agreed, under the strict requirement that no boasting would follow our victory.  (We were indeed victorious.)
Joseph eats his PBJ sandwich before we begin our Isaac Lake adventure.

A hammock for the occasion, and Little House on the Prarie's "Farmer Boy" for a read-aloud

Eager Boy Scouts landed a few minutes after us and raced to find the choicest campsites at the group site.  After another sprinkle, the sun appeared and a nice breeze provided the means to dry out our wet gear a bit.  Crew update:

  • Zachary's helpful assistance with gear on the portage and also in offering to help dry out our tent touched my heart.
  • T remains almost wordless, but a part of the crew all the same.  
  • Eric continues to keep a very low profile, offering the occasional quip or one-liner for comic relief.  
  • Patrick, seriously concerned with future bug problems, suggests rationing the OFF spray.  
  • Crew leader Eddie's head remains in a book, keeps the crew on task as needed during chores.
  • Casey's clever colloquialisms need frequent adult reminders to "keep it age appropriate."
  • Bryant is cheerful and chatty, always ready to lend a hand.
  • Isaac, wearing a rough Mohawk to match the one his dad, Ron, wore when he made the Bowron trip 30 some years ago, helps keep the crew moving in the right direction as a close ally to the crew leader, Eddie.

    Grilled chicken and dirty rice, prepared by Patrick & Eric for dinner, were served on tortillas with salsa and Tabasco.  We enjoyed brownies for dessert, and a great campfire provided hours of centralized socialization.  All tucked in our tents by 8PM.

    Patrick serves Tim dirty rice and grilled chicken for dinner.

    Like father, like son; Isaac gets a Mohawk from his dad, Ron, who also had a Mohawk for his Bowron trip in his youth.

    Enjoying dinner around the fire: Zac, Eddie, Isaac and Linda

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