Friday, August 19, 2011

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit '07 {Day 2: Barkerville, BC to Bowron Lakes Provincial Park, BC}

The Barkerville scene along main street

Tim, Joseph and Peter enjoy sweets on the bakery porch at Barkerville, BC.

The historic town of Barkerville, BC, provided our crew with a close-up look at the way life was lived in British Columbia's gold rush years of the 1800's.  Walking down main street, visiting the living history exhibits and shows, we travelled back in time for the afternoon before driving to our real destination: Bowron Lakes Provincial Park. 
Our choppy introduction to Bowron Lake

Our first look at Bowron Lake gave the impression of stormy sea.  Nearly covered with whitecaps, Bowron Lake looked formidable.  Peter raced to be the first to touch the lake, then challenged the older Scouts, "C'mon guys, I'll race you to the water."  Participation on this Boy Scout high adventure trip, led by a dad who had taken this very trip as a youth with his father, was limited to Scouts 13 years and older, First Class Rank required; but each of our 3 boys attended as an exception to the rule:
  • Zachary, only 12 years old, but allowed to participate having already earned First Class Rank and showing competence at canoeing, swimming, cooking and camping.
  • Peter (7) and Joseph (9) who rode along as passengers in the two adults canoes, were allowed to participate since both Tim and I were volunteer adult leaders for the crew.
Under protective cover, Zachary begins the Harry Potter adventure at our first campsite along the shores of  Bowron Lake, BC.

As we began setting up camp along the shores of Bowron Lake, a sudden surge of tiny swarming insects overtook us.  The insane infestation gave us cause to stop work and make home-make insect protection hats using a sheet of mosquito netting cut into veil-sized pieces to cover our heads.   Dinner at the Barker Lodge could have easily been outdone by a good Dutch oven cook-out, but our efforts to stay mostly packed up before our canoe camping adventure gave us reason to enjoy a dinner out, even if it wasn't very tasty.

Harry Potter tagged along on this adventure, the final book having been released only hours before our departure.  Isaac's copy, devoured by him on the drive up, soon had a wait list of excited readers.

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