Monday, August 22, 2011

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit '07 {Day 5: Isaac Lake}

Isaac Lake, Bowron Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Our planned departure for 7:15AM became 8AM without any trouble at all.  The Scouts' first destination as we headed out was to a nearby woodlot (marked by a large red W visible from the lake) to collect firewood to haul along to our next campsite.  The paddling along glassy Isaac Lake was trouble free and a day's break from portaging!  After a 10 mile stretch, with a break along a rocky beach for pita PBJ for lunch, we arrived at campsite #21, the best yet.
Eddie and Bryant approach campsite #21 along the shores of Isaac Lake.

A whittling competition initiated by Ron, the same one he remembered from his trip, gave hours of carving pleasure around camp.  Two hammocks hardly ever left empty; Peter and Joseph played together for hours on the sandy beach.  Older Scouts take one canoe out a short distance from shore for the fun of swamping it on purpose; shrieks filled the air as they tipped into the icy lake.
Casey, whittling away

Peter whittling by the fire

Canoe swamp into the frigid Isaac Lake

Zachary and T cooked the evening meal under Patrick's close supervision: macaroni and cheese with meat and broccoli.  We saved portions for Ron, Bryant and Joseph who visited the opposite shore near a stream outlet for a (successful) fishing expedition.  Their mission successful, fresh trout cooked over the fire was served up with s'mores for dessert.
T and Zachary strain the pasta dish with Eddie's assistance.

Tim at the water's edge

Bryant, Joseph and Ron return triumphantly from their fishing expedition across the lake.

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Crystal said...

I'm really enjoying these posts about this trip a few years back. Looking forward to seeing the adventures you had on your current trip. Stay safe.