Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Campers Return

Bridget, Zachary, Tim, Peter, and Joseph at Camp Pigott during a rare sun-break.

What a joy to have the guys back home from summer camp, with their bags full of soggy gear and stories galore of the (wet) adventures had at Camp Pigott. 

Tim and Mike, fearless Scout leaders; survivors.


Joseph, terrified that the pause for photo will keep the (stern) shooting range master waiting too long.

Range master with Joseph, validating his "dime club" results at the rifle shooting range.
Great marksmanship, Joseph!

Peter reloads.
After their return, a letter from Camp Pigott arrived in the mail box.  My sweet Joseph had taken the initiative to pack a stamped envelope along to camp, and made time to write me a letter.  A simple gesture, which touched my heart and brought me great joy.   In his own words:
Summer camp has been mostly good. I was a waiter on day one on Monday and I didn't like being waiter very much...but enough complaining.  I am doing canoeing 1st period and C.O.P.E. 2nd and 3rd period.   We got to go up on high C.O.P.E.! It was scary, so I wasn't there very long.  I got second in the triathlon (swim, run, canoe).  I beat the third place guy by a foot.  Peter got seventh.  God bless. I love you. ~Joseph

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