Saturday, July 2, 2011

Berry Competition {Strawberry Pickin'}

Finding bizarre shaped berries always brings a smile (or a smirk).
Side by side, Joseph and Peter fill their buckets at the strawberry u-pick farm.

The spirit of competition follows this pair in berry picking, too.

Someone's very first time picking strawberries!
Happy with his catch

Peter the super-processor, helps put up 78 pounds of strawberries.

An annual delight, our berry picking season has begun.  First come strawberries (a bit late this year), then raspberries, then blueberries and blackberries.   Our favorite u-pick farms are all within about a 20 minute drive.  On picking day #1, within only an hour of picking, Peter, Joseph and I amassed our first haul: 78 pounds of strawberries.   Four batches of jam and many bags of whole frozen berries later, we're ready to bring the next batch home.

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