Friday, July 29, 2011

Amazing Cruisers {Biking Fanatics}

My dad's cousin, Steve, his wife Lynn, and their friends at the conclusion of a 1,600 mile ride.

It's not every day our house is the destination for a multi-state bicycle tour.  In fact, this is a first!
My dad's cousin, Steve, organized and led a 6 person/1,600 mile bike tour (self sustained) from California to the Canadian border (Sumas), and completed the tour on our front lawn.  Four overnight biker-campers on our playroom floor, and many adults with helping hands for all the little ones; our house was transformed into hostel-nursery.  

Inspired by their athleticism and tenacity, we can only hope that we will be as active and inspired to recreate when we are their age (which we almost are, really).

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