Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Displaced for Charity {New Foster Placement}

From teen den to twin haven in under two hours: priceless

An urgent placement request yesterday involving 11 month old twins gave our family an opportunity to be of service to the homeless.  Tim and I discussed it, and agreed to meet with our boys to come to a family consensus before committing.  Peter jumped at the idea, thrilled at the thought; Joseph groaned, but consented with a "no changing diapers" clause.  Zachary's answer was wise, "It's not really my choice to make. I am willing, but don't expect a lot of babysitting."  Fair enough.

Zachary's sacrifice involved more than meets the eye: his bedroom was the only suitable place to set up two cribs on the same floor as our master bedroom as the law requires.  In an extreme act of charity, Zac gave up his bedroom.  In a little over two hours he dissembled his bed and moved almost all his belongings downstairs and helped set up the cribs.  This generosity is not in any way out of character, but it is heartwarming to see our nearly 17 year old son so willing to give up his own comfort zone (in more ways than one) for the sake of needy strangers.

Charlie hangs out with Zac in his temporary shelter.

Loving friends delivered a crib, car seat, and high chair which they (quite suddenly) did not need anymore when their foster child was relocated with a family member.  A Craigslist seller willingly delivered and assembled a second crib within an hour.  Phone and email offers of clothes, toys, equipment and even a dinner for our family poured in within minutes of a request for help on the local CatholicMoms e-group.

A rough night, with several wakings and one lasting over an hour (with screaming) has left us a bit fuzzy today.  Peter hopped out of bed at 6:30AM to offer assistance with bottles and diaper changes.
We still have plans to worship at our usual daily Mass, expecting that we could spend most of the time in the way back.  Already several moms have offered to assist us so we can be there as always.  Time will tell!  This morning nap is precious...

Sleeper boy


Molly said...

You raised phenomenal people, Bridget. :)

The Gaunts said...

You seriously need to write a book on parenting. I pray my children turn out like yours :). Our prayers are with you and your new Foster children.