Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A boy, a blowtorch, and an audience

With both of his older brothers away at Boy Scout Camp, Peter had his first opportunity to be the lead pyrotechnician on the 4th of July (otherwise known as Violet's birthday)!
His Uncle Craig outfitted him with a blowtorch and a bag of explosives for the affair.
Who needs matches, a simple lighter or punk when you can go straight for the blowtorch?
In the audience, Sawyer liked the looks of the fireworks display, but not the noise.
His favorite place from which to watch was right inside the front door, out the little window.
From there he told me, "When I'm five I won't be scared."
Later he said, "When I'm big like Peter I will like fireworks." (Or something to that effect.)
He also told us that when he was older and lighting fireworks, 
Peter would be watching him from the window!

Somehow I think Peter's going to be remain a fixture in the center of the explosive action.
I did suggest eye protection, for the record.
Next time I'll make sure he's prepared with a safety kit. (Remind me!)

Poor little penguin!

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christopher said...

notice how the label of the firework is "happy penguin." I think the end result is an empty shell of what used to be a happy penguin.