Sunday, June 27, 2010

Together Again
The vigil, funeral, and burial for Dick were beautiful.  
Sad, yes.  But incredibly holy and meaningful.
His family comes together like no other family I know, it's such an inspiration to witness their solidarity.

On a joyful note, we were able to worship with Grandma Patty and Grandpa Pete during our stay in Tacoma.
Our visits with them are far too few and far between lately.
We sure enjoyed seeing photos from Grandma Patty's trip with Great Grandma and Uncle Dan to Nympo Lake, BC, for their annual trout fishing expedition.  
Yes, my 92 year old grandma (who suffered terribly from a fall last winter and has made quite a recovery) was able to make the trip and out-catch the other fisherman as always.  She is amazing!

And of course, spending time with Dick's grand kids (like Peter in pink and Ryan in blue) is always a highlight of any trip to Tacoma.
We saw cousins Kati, Mike, Brendan, MacKenzie and Jacob; as well as Uncles Peter & Clark and Aunts Michelle & Molly. 
But alas, no photographic proof of them this time.

And these 2, well they aren't quite yin & yang, but they do make somewhat of an odd couple, don't they?
We set aside some special time with Niko (Zac's older cousin, our Godson) at St. Charles, and had a bit of a photo shoot while we were at it.  Two very handsome young men, wouldn't you agree?
Hard to believe they both could end up behind the wheel before much longer...

All in all, the trip was wonderful, despite the reason for the trip being particularly sad.
More photos promised soon...

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