Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Coop
One of Peter's pigeons died last week, and the decision was made to build the remaining pigeons a coop of their own in the hopes that life without the hens will be more peaceful and conducive to breeding 
(and surviving). 

Grandpa Cliff to the rescue!
With a van full of building supplies and tools, Grandpa Cliff had the plan and the means to carry it out.
Peter did almost all of the labor, under Grandpa's careful guidance.
Zachary was involved in the hauling of coop sections, which were built out front and installed in a corner of the back yard.

Joseph and Tim were helpful with whatever odd tasks needing doing.  
In this case, holding something fast.

Peter's coop at near completion.
Doesn't it look great?
Wait to see the "after" photos!

THANKS Grandpa (and Grandma!)
Every ounce of daylight was needed to get this project done, plus a few extra hours the next day.

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