Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday
Canyon Lake Creek Community Forest Hike
At departure, we're looking fresh and ready to put some miles behind us...

OK, to get a good shot with many kids, you often have to bribe them with the promise of a "goofy" shot.

Some of us were training for a backpacking trek, carrying weight for the practice and for endurance building.
We hiked about 8 miles round trip, and came up just short of the old growth forest loop.
We knew if we kept going, the younger kids would be too tired to make it out, so we made the safer choice and turned back.
We saw many piles of bear evidence, and heard some interesting rooting noises along the sides of the trails.
The area is very remote, so the young kids were not allowed out of our site, lest they become happy meals for the wild creatures.

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