Saturday, June 12, 2010

Peter and Joseph made their vocal debut last night at a chorale ensemble recital hosted by their voice instructor.  They sang "Ave Maria" together (Schubert's version), and performed beautifully under great stress.  It's not often these boys get nervous, but the anxiety of singing in front of a large audience of mostly strangers was palpable. 
To see & hear their performance, visit you tube.  Peter's antics at the very end of the song are worth a thousand words...

Peter and Joseph participate in the group warm-up prior to the beginning of the recital.
Zachary, Joseph and Peter began taking voice lessons early this year, as their fiddle teacher was soon to be on maternity leave.  Switching over to voice lessons has left a strange quiet in our house where daily fiddle practice (with accompanied complaining) punctuated our homeschool routine for some 8 years.  None have given up the fiddle, but all have taken up vocal instruction.  It is my hope that soon we will actually be able to hear them singing in church, where now we can only see them singing (hymnal open, mouths moving).

Zachary was excused from the performance, as he was acolyte at the Mass for the
Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE Peter's "little" sigh there at the end :)