Tuesday, June 15, 2010

40th Surprise!
Uncle Craig is surprised by Aunt Bethany for the occasion of his 40th birthday.
Violet is not too sure she likes the surprise.
The cake was more like a work of art than food.
Seemed a shame to cut it!

Sawyer had a chance to help blow out the candles with his daddy.
Violet enjoyed the cupcakes, and had a blue frosting-stache to show for it.
Weston just took it all in stride, easy going 3rd born that he is.

Violet's cousin, Natalie spent most of the party jumping with glee... such a happy little girl!
Craig's office staff, vet school buddies, and Scout friends from Fire Mountain days, in addition to family members and close family friends filled the banquet room at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle.
Hard to believe that Beth was able to pull of a complete surprise party like that!

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