Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Webelos here
we come (again)!
Last night Peter crossed over into the Webelos program. He could not have been happier to be in a brown uniform (finally!).
His new Webelos den will be going camping together this weekend in central Washington, as guests of Zac & Joseph's Boy Scout troop.
Peter can't wait to pitch his tent, tie his knots, start a fire (safely), lead a skit, and go for a 3+ mile hike. All fun enough... but even more exciting when they count toward his Outdoorsman badge.

He's quite an outdoorsman already, the result of being a tag-a-long on so many Scouting adventures geared for his older brothers over the years. Now it's finally his turn to be the official fire starter and take a turn on the camp stove.

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