Monday, June 22, 2009

What do we love about our city's all comers track meets? Everything!
We've been coming out on most Monday summer nights for 9 years or so. Peter "ran" track before he could even run!

Now the track meets are like old-home week, with the friends & families we see making the event much more than just a sports event.
Tonight was our first track meet of the '09 season.
A few surprises tonight: Peter's 800 time was better than Joseph's by about 4 seconds... a first! Although we emphasize sportsmanship and running against your own best time, the boys know who's doing what, and they do have a competitive streak (coming from who knows which side of the family!). There was a track meet a few years back when Zachary made a PR in the 800, while Joseph's 800 time that night was several seconds faster.

Both boys handled Peter's "win" in the 800 very well, and went on participating in the other track & field events. A favorite is the 'jogger's mile' in which the runners attempt to run the exact time they predict (on paper) before the race. The times are called out at the 400, but afterward there are no times (and no watches) allowed.
Tonight BOTH Joseph and Peter "won" the jogger's mile by predicting their times within the allotted 3 seconds. Joseph was within 2 seconds, and Peter HIT his mark!

They were awarded this year's jogger's mile T-shirt and will wear them proudly to be sure.

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