Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today we broke camp with packed lunches and double water bottles and hit the Oyster Dome trail on Blanchard Mountain.
We climbed about 2000' in 2.5 miles.
The views from the top are breathtaking (especially if you get too close to the edge of the cliffs!).
We had a slight detour (some say wrong turn) instigated by our "engine" (the hikers at the front).
They had studied the map, were wearing compasses, and knew that we were .3 mile from the final turn off.
But in their raging excitement to reach Oyster Dome, they missed a junction and headed southeast when they should turned north and hiked the last .2 mile to the viewpoint.
Amazingly, we came across some friends from church who mentioned the boys being on their way to Lily Lake... at which point we knew they had gone past the (hard to see) trail junction to Oyster Dome. Thank you, Lord, for sending those people at just the right time!

I left my pack with the other members of our "caboose" and ran almost .7 mile screaming 'JOE' (easiest name to scream the loudest).
The wayward hikers reached the Lily Lake sign at about the same time that they finally heard my shrieking and doubled back in quick time.
We had a briefing, and discussed the ways the situation could have been avoided (more frequent "wait" stops for the caboose to catch up, even when they're almost there and very excited).
The rest of the hike was fairly uneventful, save a few scraped knees and a bit of rushing to get to the cars in time to get to the Scout meeting (with dinner waiting ~ Thanks to Renee!) in time.

The day was fabulous and it will be even better after I have my shower!
What a great group of kids~

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