Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bloody post, be warned!

Before we go camping...
We go get 3 stitches.

Joseph was "packing" for a big camping trip last weekend when he came crashing down on the post of Zac's bed. How could that happen you may be wondering.... Well~

Shooting Zac with a nerf gun (while packing?), Joseph invaded Zac's space, and pushed his luck just a little too far.
Zac (known for being a gentle big brother, but also known as the "head banger" at church for keeping altar boys in line) had apparently suffered enough brotherly chaos and shoved Joseph, unintentionally head-first into the bedpost.
That's when I got the call on my cell phone, while in line to pay for groceries (for camping desserts) at Fred's. I decided to go ahead and complete the transaction, and let Zachary take first crack at first aid efforts.
As soon as I saw the wound, I knew there would be professional assistance needed. Off we went to the doctor's office for 3 stitches.
Not the best way to prepare for a big camp-out, but then again, who really likes packing anyway?

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SRE said...

Great catchlights in that first photo!

Renee B.