Sunday, June 7, 2009

Highland Games

Our troop coordinated the parking at the local Highland Games event this weekend, waving flags, directing cars and collecting the money.

Joseph asked to wear his kilt for the big event, and Peter and I decided to join him.

Yes, Joseph was teased by one of his friends who called him a ballerina. (Interestingly enough, this friend's hair is longer than mine!) But Joseph wore his kilt well, and endured the teasing in a good natured way.

A highlight of the day was taking a break from the parking detail to visit the Scottish clan booths inside the gate, where the boys were excited to find our family "MacIntyre" represented.

Of course, seeing the chain mail and models of ancient warriors' weaponry topped the list of cool things to see, too.

The ongoing bagpiping and drumming gave us the feeling that we were transported far away to another time and place...

Just another great Scouting adventure, right in our own backyard!

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Buhler family said...

Oh my, what fun! We will make sure we keep our schedule light next year so we will be able to attend this awesome event.