Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Someone is 41...
Not mentioning any names!
Thank you to everyone who sent Tim special greetings by phone, email, mail, and in person.
Seen here serendading on mandolin, Joseph played "Happy Birthday" as we sang to Tim before indulging in the ice cream pie with Grandma O'D's special recipe chocoloate sauce.
Today we send a great big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Uncle Pie (Peter John) who is now 37!
Today we also break down and wait the long wait at Les Schwab for the installation of the studs on the 4Runner.
Yesterday I could have really used those studs on the tires to get out of the driveway as we left the boys' sledding playdate in the county. But the wonderful studs (Ezra, Boaz, Judah, and Enoch) out there shoveled, sanded (with sand they harvested from their buried sand box!), shoveled some more... and gave traffic warnings as I attempted for about an hour to get out of their driveway!
It was a dicey project, but we pulled it off. Thank you for all your help B family, and for a wonderful day together in the snow!
We did make it home (with groceries) in time to fulfill Tim's wish for a stir-fry dinner. But we relied on a good sized plate of snackies to carry us over as we were quite a bit later than expected getting the birthday dinner to the table.
AND there is more snow expected... The fun just won't end.

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