Monday, December 15, 2008

Saying goodbye to Scooby
Poor old Scooby (13.5 yrs) is suffering with leukemia, and has stopped eating.
Our hearts are broken with sadness as we prepare to say goodbye to our dear pet.

We picked Scooby out of a litter of 3/4 lab, 1/4 husky puppies as a first birthday gift for Zachary. His first name, Sam, had to be changed because it sounded too much like Zac.
We were constantly saying sternly, "NO Sam!" which startled Zac into stopping whatever he was doing, assuming that it was him being corrected. So, we re-named our new pet Scooby.

Adding a new puppy to our household with a baby didn't prove to be our wisest move. Scooby surmounted every obstacle placed in his path to deter him from eating Zac's dirty diapers... even chowing down dirty diapers covered in Tabasco sauce... and puking it all up! Tim has "fond" memories of cleaning up that pile.

Once when Billie was babysitting, Zachary crawled naked into Scooby's kennel and pooped. He slip-slided around trying to make his way out of the kennel, while Billie laughed hysterically at the disaster. That mess was also left for Tim to clean up!

Scooby was saved/relocated to Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff's house. There, he was the low-dog on the totem pole, benefiting from their lab, Okie's alpha dog mannerisms. He also had real dog training from Grandma Billie and Grandpa Cliff, which made him a much nicer dog to have around.

Even today, Zachary raised his eyebrow when I said Scooby was a "good" dog. Zac will go with "loyal" pet, and "loving" dog, but insists that "good" dogs do not eat library books and other items left on the floor in their owner's room. Zachary means no disrespect; true to his "zaccurate" form, the term "good" dog simply does not apply here!

We will post some other photos and fun memories of Scooby soon.
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