Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve
Our evening together at Grandma's house involved a few new traditions this year. The adults all participated in a gift swap set up by my little sister, Molly. The swap had a few swiping elements, which really set the stage for some drama over the movie basket and the coffee pack. Fun stuff.
The great grand kids all exchanged names for gift giving/exchanging (again, thanks to Molly), which always helps with cousinly bonding!
The drive was uneventful, unless you count everyone but the driver falling asleep on the drive home eventful! The roads were mostly bare & wet, with a few terrible city streets right in Grandma's neighborhood in West Seattle. YIKES!
Glad to be home, and looking forward to sharing a Christmas Day with family up here tomorrow. The sticky buns are rising on the counter, those are one of my favorite in-law traditions for Christmas feasting!

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