Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun, friends and family

The drive was well worth it for the time with family and friends down south. We didn't have any major transportation issues, except the minor brotherly discussions about whose turn it should be on the psp.

Our Saturday evening taco bar event was a special party for our friend, Mike. He is in the US for one week, in transit from his former home in Baku, Azerbaijan to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he will be living for the next 2 years. He brought treats for us, special candies and other goodies. He lives up to the nickname given to him so long ago: Candyman! He's as sweet as the treats he brings, and we sure enjoy his company.

Mike and Tim were fraternity brothers and roommates in college at UPS. Eric (seen as the pianist) and Tim went through grade school at Holy Rosary and high school at Seattle Prep together. Both Eric and Mike were groomsmen in our wedding almost 18 years ago.

Getting the gang together down south was possible thanks to the hospitality of our friends Aileen & Rob (& Peter, 9 & Ryan, 5). Aileen (one of my bridesmaids) and I go back to second grade, where we made our first communion together in matching dresses at Saint Charles. Here we are pictured together there after Mass yesterday. Aileen is godmother to Zachary and Joseph, and our bonds of friendship and faith are such a blessing.

Did the guys actually play a song on the piano and sing for us? Well, no, but they had fun pretending and being good sports for a silly photo. Over the years we have collected some very unusual posed photos together, from many interesting places. This one will be less embarrassing than some of the others to look back upon in the years to come...

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