Sunday, October 13, 2013

Opening Day {+ Duck Cleaning 101}

Peter's first hunting expedition

Peter's first home weekend from high school seminary just happened to coincide with opening day of hunting season.  Having recently completed hunter education classes along with Joseph, Peter gladly agreed to spend most of Saturday tromping through marshy fields in pursuit of ducks.  Donning camouflaged gear and packs loaded with ammo, the guys set out at dawn for the nearby duck hunting territory with high hopes. 

Joseph: his first duck down, with high hopes for another shot

For Peter, the 6AM alarm allowed a bit of a sleep-in compared to his usual routine at school.  Up and ready to roll, the guys grabbed a quick bite for breakfast before departing for the big hunting expedition.  Rubber boots and hip waders in tow, Tim and the boys found a spot with likely resident ducks and began their pursuit in earnest.  A few shots and several hours later, the score was Tim: 1, Peter & Joseph: 0. 

Peter displays his dad's first duck of the season.

The plucking and cleaning of duck #1, captured on video by Joseph (see below), should be a fun keepsake from the boys' first hunting expedition.  Turns out Peter's chores at the monastery included helping gut over 50 chickens on slaughter Saturday, so he willingly volunteered to handle the primary duck cleaning duties.  With only a little instruction from Tim, the bird was neatly prepared for cooking and put up.

Charlie jumps to investigate the prize.

One hunting trip (netting one duck) on opening day just couldn't satisfy, so after a rest and reload at home (with a glimpse of the Huskies vs Ducks game on TV), they headed out for a second round in the nearby fields.  This time Joseph's aim was spot-on, and he brought home his first duck.  Tim connected with two more ducks, and the day was deemed an overall victory.  Dusk fell as they loaded up their guns and headed toward home.

Peter cleans a duck for dinner.


Kara Wyandt said...

We just processed a bunch of ducks, but our were domestically raised. Connor is deer hunting with his Grandpas right now.

papa said...

Way to go guys😁

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