Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hosting Isabella {Day 1: Windy Waterfront}

Johnny, Chris, Joseph and Isabella picnic on the shores of Bellingham Bay.
Continued from the Backstory

With an eye on the weather forecast, we decided that Isabella's first day with us should be spent closer to home rather than up in the mountains.  As part of our normal Wednesday, we headed off to daily Mass, excited to share our beautiful little local Church with our guest.  We packed the cooler with sandwiches and fruit with hopes of a picnic lunch to follow Mass.

Outnumbered, but in good company, Isabella enjoys a stroll along the boulevard.

Upon arriving at Church, we found the parking lot empty ~ never a good sign.  Somehow we had missed the announcement of a time switch for that day's Mass, and so our plan A vanished into thin air. A few of our fine young friends from the Newman Catholic Campus Ministry at Western Washington University (including Zachary's good friend Chris) pulled in right behind us, and were also disappointed to learn that the daily Mass had been rescheduled. 

Bridget and Isabella on the edge of Bellingham Bay
Rather than crying over spilt milk, we took a moment for proper introductions, then hatched a plan to head for the closest park and share our picnic lunch with Johnny and Chris.  After all, they were all dressed up with no place to go! 

White caps on Puget Sound with full sunshine; an awesome autumn afternoon in Bellingham

We endured a short stretch of picnicking at shady table, which proved to be an act of penance.  As soon as the closest sunny table opened up, we quickly relocated and enjoyed the several-degrees increase and subsequent enhanced comfort level.  A brisk walk along the boulevard after lunch gave us an opportunity to visit and share the sights of our beautiful home town with Isabella and our friends.

Day 2 follows.

An ocean away from home, Isabella re-connects with the waters of the Pacific (a bit colder than her Aussie shores).

A picnic with Isabella's family (+my parents and grandparents) in 1990 on the shores of the Sunshine Coast.

Bridget (me), Grandma O'D, Pete (Dad), Patty (Mom), and Granddad O'D(+) on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, 1990

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