Thursday, October 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes {Home birth, Poison, Fog, and Fire}

Necessity: mother of invention...
Modern appliances cannot withstand the force of masculine teenage energy around here.  Thus, there are a few appliances under our roof with missing or damaged handles.  We now operate the injured microwave door with a butter knife.  The shower's faucet handle was pulled right off in an attempt to turn it on one day, but this required immediate and proper replacement, no butter knife bandage.  Dad and lad plumbing project ensued.  Note: these are not the result of any angry outbursts or reckless behavior; merely the aftereffects of super-human teenage strength vs. plastic parts.

Rural firefighting action
The three hour crawl transporting Peter back to school after his (Canadian) Thanksgiving break included a dramatic, fiery scene along the two lane highway leading to the US/Canadian border.
A pile of flaming debris blocking all lanes of traffic was beaten back and shoved aside by a farmer with his tractor, while the sounds of the volunteer firefighting crews' sirens were heard nearing the scene.  Oddly, the day we drove Peter to high school seminary for day one, there was also wildfire along the side of the road, but on the BC side.  Explosive commutes.

Seattle, smothered in fog.
We are experiencing a string of extremely foggy days in the great Northwest.  We get the occasional bursts of fog from time to time, but this season seems especially foggy for some reason.  As a result, Joseph's student driving experiences have included a few extra foggy sessions.

Our dear friend and old neighbors' nanny Cathy returned for a quick stop over in Bellingham recently, and blessed us with a morning visit at the house.  She left covered in Rocky fur, and promised to come back again some day.  Who knew we'd be competing with the likes of Philadelphia for Cathy's home town allegiance?  A very talented musician, Cathy can be heard on occasion accompanying the choir on her violin at Masses at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philly.  Not a bad gig, Cathy!  Keep the faith!

Homegrown goodies for Grandma Patty's birthday present
Gifting our homegrown produce completed the cycle of farming joy.  The boys' determination in planting and tending to their gardens this year resulted in a fine harvest of a variety of fruits and vegetables.  An odd 'no squash' yield has us a bit puzzled, as does the low turnout of sugar pumpkins.
But the super-sized (perfect for pie) apples from Joseph's tree, and the phenomenal green bean crop took the sting out of the lesser reapings.
Grandma Patty and Great Grandma O'D
Farmer Joseph with his Grandma Patty on her birthday
Poison in progress
Look out below!
Judah and Joseph compete in the final round of poison.
Joseph's days as Senior Patrol Leader are numbered as his term draws to a close. A final 'hoorah' will happen as the troop gathers for the semi-annual boy led Junior Leader Training (JLT).  Joseph, as the outgoing SPL, plans this JLT to coincide with a day hike in the glorious Chuckanut Range.  No use sitting in a church basement on a Saturday when you could be outside on an adventure laden with leadership lessons along the way.
Nuptial Mass at Sacred Heart
Marriage and childbirth!
I had the great pleasure of assisting behind the scenes at a holy wedding and a home birth this week.  My role was very minor in both events, but opportunities to be up close and personal in these moments of profound grace are blessings beyond description.  The union of Mark and Katy and the birth of Janell and Alain's little Lucia are signs of Christ's light in our local community and throughout our Universal Church.  What a privilege to be a witness to these blessed events!
Samuel (3) meets his little sister, Lucia, on her birth day.

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Maia said...

I'm jumping over from the link-up. I just love all of these, but I definitely had to comment since I'm in the NW, too, (Everett area) and the fog really has been intense!

Jessica Snell said...

It's so good to get to be a part of the life of the church. It's my favorite thing about being on the Altar Guild at my church. We're a church plant, so we've had lots and lots of baptisms, but no weddings - yet! I'm hoping we have our first few this summer. :)

Kathleen Basi said...

Your first take reminds me of our old TV--and by "old" I mean that it was used by my husband in the 4th grade. It had 12 push buttons for channels, and the push button for "on/off" had snapped off. We used a screwdriver to turn it on and off. :)

Outside of that memory, your first take made me whimper just a bit for fear of my future. Considering the sheer destructive power of my 8, 4 and almost-2-year-old boys!

The Gaunts said...

yay! A girl!!! I am so excited for them. Please pass on my congratulations!

Sheila Hughes said...

Just given the news today about Ailan's and Janell's newest addition! So happy for them and especially Maria, who is no longer the only girl in the family (aside from mom)! God bless their family! Thanks for posting a picture! She's beautiful!